Raise Reading Scores and Increase Reading!

December 17, 2017

Evan shares some of his thoughts on elements of a successful reading program.  Evan is a believer in best practice and the need to incorporate best practices in the classroom.  Also, Evan explains how a purposeful reading program can inspire students to read more and lead a school to better performance.  Finally, Evan shares some down-home wisdom to encourage you to reflect on practices that may be loved but just don't work.

The Robb Review: Feedback Is Needed For Learning

December 10, 2017

Learning can occur without grades, but learning cannot occur without feedback.
In this podcast, Laura and Evan discuss the importance of feedback and give examples of how feedback should be part of all quality instruction.  As always, Evan shares some funny stories about his “odd” experiences when he was in school.

The Robb Review: Let’s Discuss Homework!

December 3, 2017

Laura and Evan have some strong opinions on homework, and they share them in this podcast.  As usual, Evan shares an odd story from his schooling past! Maybe you can relate to what he shares? Bottom line, many things in education carry on because we have always done them. Take a few minutes and enjoy this fresh and energized homework conversation with Laura and Evan and why we need to look differently at what homework is and is not. 

The Robb Review: Stop Labeling Students, Staff, and Schools

November 25, 2017

In this podcast, Evan and Laura share their thoughts and opinions on using labels in education.  You might guess, they are not fans of labeling students, staff, or schools. Use of labels is a topic of frequent discussion by Evan and Laura; podcast listeners will get insight into what is a frequent conversation between these two educators.

The Robb Review: Social Media and Your School Brand

November 18, 2017

In this podcast, Evan encourages you and your team to use social media to build your unique school brand and to better communicate with families and your community.  Take the time to integrate at least one new strategy suggested by Evan to enhance your school's public relations and community connections. Social media is an additional way for you to create an appreciation for your school, students, and staff. People all over the world enjoy and appreciate the power of story.  Social media is another way for you to tell your story. Never underestimate the power of your stories