Sep 16, 2017

The Robb Review: Interactive Read Aloud

Evan and Laura continue to discuss instructuional reading.  In this episode they focus on interactive read alouds and how they can immediatley be part of your classroom or school.  Laura is always excited to share her experience and understanding of what is meant by instructional reading! So, check out the pocast and learn what Laura and Evan have to share!


Sep 9, 2017

The Robb Review: Principal Leadership Reflections

In this Robb Review podcast Evan Robb shares his thoughts on leadership, effacacy, trust, and profesional development. 


Aug 27, 2017

The Robb Review Instructional Reading K-8

Laura and Evan Robb discuss what instructional reading is and what it isn't. Laura provides two types of instructional reading to meet the needs of students whether they read below, on or above grade level.


Aug 5, 2017

The Robb Review: Independent Reading

We hope you enjoy our first podcast! In this episode, we discuss independent reading with commentary on the value along with dispelling some myths when the topic of holding students accountable for it arises.